When you’ve got the munchies, nothing hits the spot like a classic convenience store-style baked good — I’m talking Twinkies, Tastykake pies, and powdered mini doughnuts.

Hostess knows this, and their new line of Hostess Bake Shop sweets will hit just the right spot. They’ve found a way to make their classic desserts even more appealing thanks to a few small changes.

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The classic Hostess chocolate cupcake is getting a new twist — it’s now available in cookie form. A soft chocolate cookie that’s topped with loads of creamy frosting, this treat is easy to eat on the go (with less crumbs down your shirt than a traditional cupcake).

There are also triple-dipped Ding Dongs — ha, trying saying that three times fast — which up the ante on icing, and chocolate-frosted Twinkies covered in sprinkles that are more like something you’d get at a doughnut shop than inside a cellophane package.

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The other exciting change: Instead of being sold with the other prepared cookies and snack cakes you get at the store, the new line of Hostess Bake Shop sweets will be sold in the bakery section. Clearly, these decadent treats go above and beyond the standard last-minute cash register impulse buy offerings.

And hey, what better day to celebrate the launch of these new treats than 4/20? You can find them at your local major grocery store or Costco starting now.

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