deep pan or skillet Chicken Escarole Pecorino

deep pan or skillet Chicken Escarole Pecorino
Carrots add a nice and sweet flavor to the chicken. This deep pan or skillet chicken with escarole and pecorino is filled with flavors! Check out how it’s made.

You’ll Need:

1 pound of escarole cut into wide ribbons.
4 (4 ounce) chicken breast cutlets.
¼ tsp of freshly ground black pepper.
¼ tsp of crushed red pepper.
2 tsps of fish sauce.
½ ounce of shaved pecorino Romano cheese.
2 tbsps plus 2 tsps of extra virgin olive oil, divided.
⅜ tsp of kosher salt.
4 large crushed cloves of garlic.
½ thinly sliced medium red onion.
¼ cup of julienne cut carrot.

How to:

Cook the escarole for one minute in a saucepan of boiling water over high heat. Drain.

In a deep pan or skillet over medium-high heat, heat 2 tsps of oil.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper and cook for 2 minutes per side.

Place the chicken in a plate and reduce the heat.

Sauté garlic and 2 tbsps of oil for 1 minute then mix in the red pepper and onion and cook for 1 more minute.

Remove from the pan and cook the escarole for 1 minute. Add in the fish sauce.

In 4 plates, place the chicken and top with escarole, carrot and cheese.


Simple, easy and crunchy! The salty flavor of the fish sauce and the pecorino add an amazing flavor to this deep pan or skillet. Give a shot, you’ll thank me later.

Source: deep pan or skillet Chicken Escarole Pecorino

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