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Chicken 400 gms, ginger-garlic paste 2 tbsp, red chili powder 1 tbsp, green chilies 2-3, garam masala powder 1 tbsp, tomato puree ½ cup, almond paste 2 tbsp,  coal 1 (medium size), oil, salt


  1. In a bowl add ginger garlic paste, red chili powder, garam masala powder and salt. Mix well and apply this marinade to the chicken pieces. Keep aside for 20-30 minute.
  2. Heat oil in a vessel. Add chicken. Stir well.
  3. Add finely chopped green chilies, tomato puree. Mix and stir well on a high flame.
  4. Allow for 10 minutes so that the chicken gets cooked on a low flame.
  5. Add almond paste, mix well.
  6. Heat a piece of coal on gas burner for about 5 minutes.
  7. When the coal is red hot enough, transfer it to a small metallic bowl.
  8. Now keep the metallic bowl into the bowl containing chicken.
  9. On the coal pour a tsp of oil or ghee.
  10. The moment you see smoke coming out of the coal, close the lid of chicken bowl immediately and turn of the heat.
  11. After 5 minutes when the aroma of coal + oil / ghee absorbed by the chicken, remove the metallic bowl from the chicken.
  12. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.
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