Need Cups?

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1/2 c Slivered blanched almonds

1/4 c Sugar

1 c Unsalted butter, softened

1 lg Egg

1 tb Milk

1 1/2 ts Vanilla extract

1/2 ts Almond extract

2 c Flour

1/4 ts Baking powder

1/4 ts Salt

17 Candied green cherries

8 1/2 Candied red cherries

Recipe by: Country Living 12/95 In food processor w/ chopping blade, process almonds and 1/4 c. sugar unti almonds are finely ground; set aside. Lightly grease 5 baking sheets (or 2 baking sheets + 3 sheets of aluminum foil or parchment paper, to chill wreaths before baking). In large bowl w/ mixer at med. speed, beat butter & remaining 1/2 c. sugar until light & fluffy. Beat in egg, milk & vanilla & almond extracts until well blended. Reduce mixer speed to low; gradually beat in 1 1/2 c. flour, the ground almond mixture, baking powder & salt til mixed. Beat in enough of remaining flour until soft dough forms. Spoon about 1/3 of dough into large pastry bag w/ 1/4″ open star tip. Pipe 1/2″ thick strip of dough onto baking sheets to form 2″ diameter wreaths, about 1″ apart. Refrigerate on baking sheets 15 min. to firm dough. Cut each green cherry into 8 slices. Cut each red cherry into quarters. Heat oven to 375. Press a red cherry onto each wreath & place 2 green slices on each side of the red cherry. Bake 8-10 min. – til golden brown on top & lightly browned on bottom. Cool completely on wire rack. Store in airtight container. Makes about 5 1/2 doz. cookies. —–

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